Packaging & Corrugation

ATS is one of the leading manufacturers for thermal spray coated rolls and engineering components for Steel, Paper, Thermal Power, Hydropower, Printing, Oil and Gas Industries.

We have successfully manufactured more than 1200 rolls for steel and paper industries in last 15 years.

We are proud to announce that ATS has launched ATS Corr. These are Corrugated Rolls from High Alloy Steel Forgings with UV Profile for Automatic & Semi-Automatic Single facer Machines with Tungsten Carbide Coating and Hard Chrome Plating.

ATS Product Range

  • Tungsten Carbide Corrugated Rolls (New and Refluted)
  • Hard Chrome Corrugated Rolls (New and Refluted)
  • Pressure, Doctor & Glue Rolls (New and Refurbished)

ATS Corr Features

  • Durable
  • Most Advance Technology
  • Best Quality Raw Material
  • Excellent Roll Strength
  • High Quality Testing Facility
  • High Production Capability
  • Stringent Quality Control Process
  • Precisely Designed & Enhanced Performance

Why Choose Us

  • 27+ years of experience for Hard Tungsten Carbide Coating in various industries
  • State of the Art manufacturing facility
  • In-house HP-HVOF Spraying system for Tungsten Carbide Coating
  • In-house Hard Chrome Coating Facility for achieving high quality plating
  • In-house Waldrich Coburg CNC (German Make) flute grinding machine
  • Mitutoyo (Japan Make) Profile Checking Facility
  • Most Advance EMA (German Make) Induction Hardening Facility
  • Advance CNC Turning Centres & Roll Grinding Facility
  • In-house Heat Treatment Facility
  • World Class Customer Service