Boiler Tube Coating

We provide In-situ coating services to enhance the life of boiler tubes in power plants, cement plants, paper mills and oil refineries. Our protective coatings significantly extend the service life of new and eroded boiler components. ATS protective coatings are a more cost-effective solution than replacement of the eroded parts with new ones. By application of these coatings our customers get direct benefit in material savings and valuable reductions in plant stoppage and downtime.

We offer two processes for boiler tube coatings and have customized Nano material feedstock in form of wire & powder.

  • Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS)
  • High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)

ATS provides coating services for

  • CFBC Boiler
  • AFBC Boiler
  • Pulverized Fired Boiler (PF Boiler)
  • WHRB / Chemical Recovery Boilers
  • Oil/Gas Fired Boilers