Oil & Refinery

Thermally Sprayed Aluminium coating (TSA) is globally the most established solution for long term atmospheric corrosion protection of metal structures, equipment and tankages in Oil, Gas & Petrochemical industries.

Since 1996 ATS is providing corrosion protection services for Oil & Gas industry by thermal spray technology. Our services are extended to oil refineries, tank farms, LNG terminals, Fertilizer, Chemical & Petrochemical plants. We undertake corrosion protection by metal spray utilising wire arc spray process

On-site Coating Services

ATS has undertaken TSA coatings (Aluminizing) as well as metallizing by Zinc, Inconel and other alloys for tankages, pipes, spools, reactors, heat exchangers and columns in Oil & Gas industry. We have ongoing long term contracts for TSA coating work in fabrication yards of Heavy Engineering companies.

Our technicians are qualified & experienced for providing in-situ and confined space coating services. We have complete range of portable coating systems and allied equipment to simultaneously undertake multiple on-site coating jobs.

Time is extremely crucial for TSA & metallizing jobs undertaken during shutdown period in Oil & Gas plants. ATS has successful track record of adhering to compact time schedule for on time job completion.

Plant Facility

Our plant is fully equipped to undertake Tungsten Carbide coating by HVOF process on ball valve & Gate valve components. We offer coating services to established OEM’s all over India.