Snout, Skirt & Hood - In-situ coating

Skirt & Hood

There is metal wastage on inside area of stack (tube surface) due to continuous heat, humidity, atmospheric moisture, thermal shock, presence of sulphur & the dust particle movement.

This surface deterioration will reduce tube wall thickness which will necessitate replacement. The high cost of new tube replacement can be prevented by application of erosion resistant coatings on tube surface area.

ATS has developed the application of a special alloy coating by use of thermal spray technology for retarding metal wastage on tube surface in skirt & hood zone of steel melting shop. This coating job has been successfully completed by our company in compact time span during shutdown period.


Corrosive fumes arising from galvanizing bath in continuous galvanizing line of cold rolling mills damage the snout. To combat this industrial wear process we apply a specially formulated coating of metal alloy to the snout surface thereby substantially increasing service life of the snout by retarding metal surface damage.

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