Roll Refurbishments


In 2004 ATS started refurbishment of rolls and components in steel plants. Rolls refurbishment involves grinding, stress relieving, carbide coating, chrome plating and finishing processes. Over the years our surface modification services have covered rolls operating in all lines of Cold Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling Mill & Pellet plants. We have so far refurbished more than 1800 steel mill rolls.

Sink rolls of continuous galvanizing lines and hearth rolls of furnaces are the critical rolls which are recoated and refurbished by us. Special non-stick coating for application on sink & stabilizing roll Arm had been developed by us.


We undertake grinding with precision roll grinders. Roll surfaces which have degraded due to various industrial wear factors are reground by precision roll grinders to restore original camber, crown or taper roll profiles.

Tungsten carbide coating

HVOF coating systems mounted on robots are used to provide uniform and very dense Tungsten Carbide coating on roll surfaces. These coatings are done in acoustic spray booth.

Hard Chrome Plating

Chrome plating on rolls is undertaken in specially designed baths using customized chemical solutions.

Roll finishing

Special grinding media, lapping and super polishing machines are used by our expert technicians to provide appropriate profile and surface finish to rolls as per customer requirements.

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