Spray & Fuse

Spray & Fuse

Spray & Fuse process is a two step process where spraying done primarily followed by fusing of the sprayed material. This spraying is carried out by flame spray process. The spraying materials are self-flux alloys in powder form. Generally Self-flux alloys are alloys with low melting point of around 1,000℃, containing nickel and cobalt as base metal, boron and silicon as its fluxing materials.

Spray & fuse coatings can able to withstand in high impact load environment because of homogeneous & porosity free metallurgically bonded characteristics.

In thermal process only spray and Fuse coatings have a metallurgical bond with the base material while the other coating processes are limited to mechanical bonding.

In India ATS are the pioneers for spray and fuse coating of ROT rolls which are used in Hot Strip Mill of Steel plants.

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