Printing & Packaging

Repair & Refurbishment

ATS has 25 years experience in repair & coating of rolls in printing as well as packaging industry. Our company offers comprehensive services for machining, coating, grinding and polishing of high performance rolls and components.

We have refurbished more than 5000 rolls of Sheet-fed and web-offset printing machines in our plant equipped with all modern facilities. We address roll runouts, dimensional correction and grinding of bearing journals. Build up and re-machining is usually done when a journal is worn, damaged or bent which impacts the performance of web processing. We restore journals to critical original dimensions thereby reducing replacement costs.

Chrome plating, metal spraying on rolls and cylinders. Special coatings are developed for grippers which substantially increase gripper service life and performance. We have developed special applications for abrasion resistant coatings on surface of Pulleys used in machines producing exercise books & notebooks. Our coating applications on grippers of sheet fed as well as web offset machines substantially improve their service life and performance.

Our Clients (Printing & Packaging)