Our company was first in India to develop surface coatings on paper mill rolls by use of thermal spray technology.In India ATS holds the leadership position for in-situ coating & grinding of paper mill rolls and cylinders. Our Pan India customer list of over 450 well satisfied paper mills speaks strongly of our reliability, expertise and performance guarantee. We also provide surface repair & coating services to paper mills in neighbour countries Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle east and West Africa. With in-house R&D we have developed three surface coating applications which have been submitted for patent.

On-site coating

In past 22 years we have completed coating on more than 600 Pope reels, Head box, Pulp mill screws, spreader rolls. We have an excellent track record of on time job completion during shutdown periods of paper mills. Our large inventory of portable blasting machines, coating systems and traversing guides enable us to perform multiple onsite jobs simultaneously.

Robotic coating operations

We have the state-of-art plant in Ahmedabad which is equipped with automatic blasting chamber, three acoustic spray booths, precision roll grinders, cylindrical grinders, super polishing and finishing equipment. The coating systems are mounted on German make seven axis robots which provide very uniform, dense and porosity free coating on rolls. Our technician skill in combination with customized grinding media are able to provide customers with appropriate surface roughness and mirror finish on calendar rolls, suction roll, couch roll, rewinder drums.

Coating on Boiler Tubes

Since 2012 we are providing surface coating on paper mill boilers for increasing the boiler life and efficiency. Eroshield - 172 is a special coating developed in house for application on boiler tubes of recovery boiler, AFBC, CFBC boiler.

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