STEEL MILL ROLLS (Manufacturing & Servicing)


In year 2004 we started providing surface coating solutions for rolls and components in steel industry. Four years later in 2008 Essar Steel gave us responsibility to supply new Bridle roll with Tungsten Carbide coating which was our first order for manufacturing steel mill Roll. Since then we have produced rolls for various steel plants, domestic OEM's and multinational OEM's based in India, Japan and Spain.

Over the past eight years we have produced rolls for below given lines in Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) and Hot Strip Mill (HSM).

Continuous Annealing (CAL/CAPL)
Skin Pass Mill (SPM)
Electrolytic Cleaning Line (ECL)
Batch Annealing Furnace (BAF)
Recoiling Line (RCL)
Cut To Length Line (CTL)
Colour Coating Line (CCL)
Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)
Thin Slab Caster Roll (TSCR)
Pickling Line & Tandem Coating Mill

Following Hollow rolls are manufactured in our plant

Bridle Roll
Deflector Roll
Steering Roll
Pass Line Roll
ROT Roll
Looper Roll
Quenching Roll
Deburring Roll
Pickling Roll
Brush Backup Roll
Burr Musher Roll

Following Solid rolls are manufactured in our plant

Pinch Roll
Hold Down Roll
Tensiometer Roll
Guide Roll
Flattener Roll
Back Up Roll
Pick Up Roll
Leveller Roll
Back Up Roll

Our Plant has produced Rolls from Φ 75mm upto Φ 1500mm length from 200mm upto 5000mm. Our production and development programs are backed by a workforce of 62 dedicated & qualified team comprising Design Engineers, Draughtsman, QC Engineers, Production Engineers, Welders, machinists, grinding experts & coating Technicians. Our in-house R&D along with inputs from international technology partners is the backbone of our development programs. Today after 12 years of involvement with steel producers we have earned an enviable reputation as the preferred roll supplier and service partner for steel plants across the country.

WEARGRIP - ROT Roll & Looper Roll

ATS inhouse R&D in combination with critical inputs from foreign technology partners has resulted in our developement of ROT roll and Looper roll. This import substitute project was initiated in 2014 by Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. Our company was the first and is till date the only manufacturer of ROT rolls in India.

Wear resistance, Corrosion resistance, high load bearing capacity and withstanding high temperatures were the performance characteristics required in the roll. We manufactured these rolls from special grades of seamless pipes which were subjected to variety of special process and coatings to impart critical characteristics to the roll.

The most crucial requirements of ROT roll is wear resistance and its capability to grip the steel strip consistently hence we named the roll WearGrip. The WearGrip roll has a specially developed outer layer, the toughness of which is such that it has negligible wear even after long usage under enormous loads, high temperatures and continuous friction.


Enables rolling of thinner sheets,thereby widening product range and offering more choice to customer
Quantum of cobbles reduced substantially resulting in lesser maintenance and financial savings
Increase in production speed thereby raising final output
Better guidance & strip control upto the coiler
Unique combination of Nickel Chrome Boron Silicon coating to resist Corrosion
This low wear rate results in minimum circumferential speed differences between the rolls in the run out table hence risk of scratches on the strip is almost nil
Due to extreme low wear rate of roll the passline remains within about 2mm. difference thereb contributing to better strip quality.
The roll has a very stable geometry during its entire service life. This stability ensures minimum water retainment on strip surface thereby improving the reliability of measurement process.

Manufacturing Unit 1

This is a state of art plant set up in 22000 Sqft area having all modern equipment for coating, finishing and annealing. Today the unit comprises.

Two accoustic booths with robotic coating facility
One booth for roll metallizing
Automatic Blasting Chamber
Static Annealing Furnaces
Annealing Furnaces with roll rotating Facility
Four high accuracy Lathe Machines
Two precision Roll Grinders

In addition there are variety of superpolishing accessories and attachments for achieving high surface finish upto 0.05 micron ra.

Initially all roll fabrication was done in this unit however as orders increased there was pressure on space and capacity hence in 2014 investment was made as JV Partner in an existing unit with spare capacity thereby substantially increasing our in-house production capacity and capability.

Manufacturing Unit 2 (Roll Fabrication Division)

This unit is a JV between NKS Engineers & ATS.

Now a large number of hollow and solid Steel mill rolls are also being made in this facility having built up area of 60000 Sqft.

ATS NKR JV has following capacities & capabilities :

ATS NKR JV Capacities & Capabilities
Area 62,000 sqft
Rolls manufactured in 10 yrs 10,000 plus
Roll Production Capacity 95 to 115 Rolls per month
Roll size Capability Φ100 mm to Φ2000 mm
Bending M/C I Capacity 20mm to 80mm Thickness
width 3.5 mtr
Bending M/C II Capacity 6mm to 20 mm Thickness
width 2.5 mtrs
Hydraulic Press 1800 Tons
Lathes 2000mm x 5000mm
1800mm x 8000mm
1500mm x 6500mm
1300mm x 5400mm
300 mm x 4200mm
Welding Equipments MIG, TIG & Electric Arc

Roll Repair & Re-Coating Services

Since 2004 we have been providing repair and re-coating services to steel plants across India. Our focus for roll servicing is the Flat product manufacturing area comprising Cold Rolling Mill (CRM) and Hot Strip Mill (HSM).

We repair and re-coat the very critical Pot rolls and Furnace rolls of CGL lines which produce high end automotive sheets and skin panels.

Our coating technicians have also undertaken insitu coating of Skirt and Hood in Steel Melting Shop and Snout in Continuous Galvanizing Line.

LongLife Coatings - The Cutting Edge of ATS Rolls

Rolls made by ATS have special protective coatings undertaken by a wide array of processes including thermal spraying, chrome plating & fusion spraying. Selection of appropriate coating material & coating process know-how is a combination of in-house R&D and inputs from various foreign technology partners.

All Rolls fabricated, cast or forged are subjected to high technology coating either by Robots in state-of-art accoustic booth, in specially designed rotating baths or in spraying furnaces. These Coating provide Rolls with High Load Bearing capacity, Enhanced Resistance to corrosion, abrasion & friction there by enabling superior performance & vastly increasing the operating life of Rolls.

Our roll manufacturing facilities has the expertise, equipment and experience to meet the most demanding requirements of customers in terms of surface finish, hardness, concentricity, ovality, roundness, tolerances, balance and extended service life of rolls.

Inspection & Quality Control

Our quality control has stringent written down procedures for inspection at every stage of manufacturing from raw material testing to final packing. .

Dye Penetration, hardness, coating thickness, surface roughness tests are conducted in-house. Ultrasonic, Radiography and Porosity testing is done by third party and NABL approved labs.

We have regular calibration programs to ensure our instruments and equipments maintain very high accuracy levels. Records of all manufactured rolls are maintained so that traceability is possible in later times.

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