ATS has two jobs shops located in an engineering zone near the city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat in western part of India.

Plant I admeasuring 9000 Sq.ft. is used for metalizing activities.
Plant II spread over 22000 Sq.ft. comprises of two acoustic spray booths, Automatic Blasting chamber, Furnace, cylindrical grinding machines.

Two EOT cranes 25 Ton, 10 Ton and 5 Ton capacity are installed in Plant II.


SB-1 measuring 14m x 4m x 4m is a state of art acoustic spray booth built as per design specs from our technical collaborator. Two heavy duty suction systems are built into this both to remove metal dust.One7axis(6 +1 axis) Kuka robot and 9mtr length Gudel track motion are installed in this booth for producing high end superior coatings. Double angle CCTV inside booth enables operator to observe coating from his console.


SB -2 measuring 10 m x 6m x 8m is installed with 6mtr Dia turntable of 50 ton capacity and robot of 60 kg payload. This booth has been specially developed to undertake coatings on ULTRA LARGE size components of hydro turbines.


INHOUSE DESIGN : A very advanced international standard automatic grit blasting chamber designed in-house by ATS engineers has been installed. The design incorporates an automatic grit collection system to remove used grit from the chamber.

SIZE & CAPACITY : The blasting chamber measuring 3m x 3m x 6m is capable of handling rolls and cylinder up to 2000mm and blasting length of 4000mm.

UNIQUE FEATURES : The component rotation systems built into the chamber is synchronized with the traversing unit which holds the blasting nozzle. This enables superior quality of blasting and control of surface roughness. Roughness quality is a major criteria for achieving high performance coating which is a critical requirement of steel mills producing premium value products like automotive skin panels. For humid weather situations a dehumidifier arrangement is available which can be introduced in the chamber to control humidity levels. This results in achieving dry blasting which in turn is essential to obtain better coating bonding properties.


Designed and installed by ATS engineers this electric furnace is used purpose of stress relieving and special heat conditioning of rolls and components manufactured by ATS.




ATS has state of the art Thermal Spraying Systems including one Sulzer Unicoat model plasma spray system, one Praxair model JP 5000 HP / HVOF coating system, one MJP 5000coating system and twenty four arc spray systems.

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